​​Club Officers

​​President                          Keith Majka, 20 Bogue Dr., Bloomingdale, NJ          551 486 0173
Vice President               Bill Goodfellow
2nd Vice President     Gary Collucci      
Secretary/Treasurer  Wanda Goodfellow, 193 Thompson Rd., Windsor, NY 13865

Trustees        Alan Preliasco           Ken Useted             Jeff Waples
                            Allan Wiltse               Dennis White
Event Coordinator    Allan Wiltse

Pit Chatter Editors           Jim Mead           jgmead@stny.rr.com            
                                                      Ken Useted      usetedracing@aol.com

Website editor  Jeff Waples,    site:  www.acotnews.org            

Historian    Bill St. George    

Membership dues $20.00  per year (includes member designated associate membership)      
Equipment Requirements
​​​1. Racing type lap belt anchored to frame/chassis of car, not any sheet metal.

2. Minimum of two return springs on throttle linkage with at least one spring at carburetor.

3. No copper lines carrying fluids except water,

4. Good tires with no worn spots or cracks on tread surface.

5. Brakes in good working order. Must have at least rear wheel brakes, both wheels, unless  equipped with inboard disc brakes.
6. Fuel shut off valve and ignition/kill switch plainly marked.
7. Overflow tanks required on paved tracks. No antifreeze to be used.

8.Two skid bars, one on either side of the front axle. Skid bars not required on space frame cars where lower frame rail is lower than the axle.

9. On cars with open or 'live' rear axle, the front of all rear radius rods must be chained or cabled to the frame.

10.Racing type 'quick release' steering wheel, if wheel removal is necessary for the driver to
enter or exit the car.

11. Battery must be secured firmly in place.

12. Accelerator pedal must have toe loop for emergency throttle pull back.

13. Cars must have an 'A' (alcohol) or 'G' (gas) decal affixed to both sides of the tail on the headrest, depending on the type of fuel used.

14. Any heim ends on suspension and steering must have a washer between the bolt head and heim end socket to ensure that the heim end will not come off in the event of breakage. Any bolts securing suspension or steering pieces must have a lock nut or be safety wired.

15.Car cosmetics and tire size should represent the era of the car when it ran. Cars and engines 25 years or older are eligible to run. No winged chassis allowed.

Driver Requirements
​​1. Wear Snell approved racing helmet with goggles or face shield - no motorcycle helmets.

2. Wear minimum of single layer Nomex type driving suit, fireproof sox, shoes, and gloves. Fireproof underwear is strongly recommended.

3. Have fully charged fire extinguisher in their pit area.

4. Run at a reasonable and safe speed as determined by ACOT officials at site.

5. No driver is to come in first or 'win' more than one 'feature' event in a row nor more than three 'features' in a season. Violation of this rule will carry a penalty of not being able to run a car at the next 2 running meets that the violator attends. The penalty will carry over to the following season if not fully served during the current season.

6. Know and obey the standard racing flags when displayed by a flagger.  

7. Attend drivers' meeting at all running shows. Those arriving late must check with club officials before being allowed on the track.

8. The driver must be 18 years of age or older.

9. When driving a car with cage, drivers must use an approved 5 point safty harness and must use approved arm restraints. 
Membership Application
Highlight, copy, and paste the form below to 'Word' or to a blank email. From there it can be printed.

                        (A NEW JERSEY NON-PROFIT CORPORATION)

Are you interested in the preservation of auto racing history?
Were you involved in auto racing in the past, or still involved?
Do you own an antique race car?
If you meet any or all of these membership criteria, you may wish to consider joining with us to bring the fans of today and yesteryear a live replay of the Golden Age of Auto Racing & to rekindle old friendships.
Keith Majka, President
Visit our website: www.acotnews.org
Address ____________________________________________________________________________
City/State _____________________________________________  Zip __________________________
Telephone ________________________   E-Mail Address
                    Area Code/Number
Associate Member Name _______________________________________________________________
(non-voting membership)        This can be a spouse or anyone you choose.
Please check involvement:         Driver (  ); Owner (   ); Mechanic (   ); Official (   ); Helper (   ); Other (   )
                                                                        Past (   ); Present (   )
Please tell us a bit about yourself and racing
(Use other side if not enough room)
If you own an antique racing vehicle, please tell us a bit about it, what type it is, engine/color/number and a brief history if known.  Restored (   );  Unrestored (   );  To be restored (   ).
All antique racing vehicles must meet ACOT regulations to run at ACOT meets.  (Updates to our Rules & regulations are printed in the newsletter when adopted.)
DUES are $20 per calendar year and are not pro-rated.  Please send this application with check payable to ACOT to:

Wanda Goodfellow, ACOT Sec/Treas
193 Thompson Rd
Windsor, NY 13865-1345