April 16, 2018
Make your plans now!

The schedule for 2018 is set. Each of our events has the opportunity to provide special memories. Again this year we have a great mix of venues, some running shows, some still shows, paved, dirt, and combinations of each. In response to many requests and comments  for the club to provide more running time and a preference to paved tracks ACOT has scheduled an 'all day' event the Evergreen Raceway Park on July 14th.  Track time will be available from noon to 5PM. A pit fee of $50 will be required for each running car and a $10 fee for display car. Two pit passes will be provided for each entered running car.

ACOT is the host club, ATQMVC will participate in the event. While ACOT invites non-members to join us at most events on a one time 'guest' basis,  drivers must be ACOT or  ATQMVC members for this event. ACOT membership is $20 for the year and signup will be available at the track. Prospective guests are encouraged to call one of the officers listed below for further details. All running cars are subject to a safety inspection. Drivers must have current personal (fire) safety gear.  

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Track History: 
'Midgets at Cherry Park'
Car History: 1939
Hillegass Midget #43
2017 Events
La Tell Sprint  #55
For further information:

Keith Majka (ACOT President)              551 486 0173

Bill Goodfellow (ACOT VP)                      607 655 1427

​Lou Zrinski   (ATQMVC  President)     732 779 4979


Our members and other visitors enjoy our 'Members and Cars' section. We encourage all members to submit images of their cars that have not be included. In other cases, a photo used might not be the owner's favorite. We encourage you to provide your preferred image. The image can be either a regular hard copy photo or an image transmitted through email.
The addresses are:

      Jeff Waples, 70 Ives Road, East Greenwich RI, 02818